Beyond Oracle HFM

Board FC: Next-generation Financial Consolidation without the FCCS migration headache

Since Oracle announced that HFM will no longer be its strategic Financial Consolidation (FC) solution, many clients have been left wondering what’s next. The company’s FCCS cloud-based alternative lacks some essential aspects of the FC process, has no easy migration path, and presents itself as a fragmented architecture formed of multiple applications.

Board Financial Consolidation (Board FC) provides the answer. Combining a complete range of FC capabilities, fully integrated Business Intelligence for accurate reporting and disclosure, and an automated migration path from HFM, Board FC delivers next-generation consolidation in a single, unified solution. 
Join this webinar to learn: 

  • How you can automatically migrate your HFM environment to Board Financial Consolidation
  • How Board FC streamlines your financial consolidation and self-service reporting processes in a single, user-friendly platform 
  • Why Board FC offers a financially viable, time-sensitive alternative to complex, consultancy-heavy modular solutions
  • How you can significantly lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Board FC


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