From Analytics to Planning in the Insurance Industry

BOARD allows insurers to bring together financial and operational data for more agile planning and real-time reporting, more effective risk modelling and a comprehensive understanding of their exposure.

By incorporating rigorous workflow into the budgeting process, the BOARD solution can enable a new level of control, governance and auditability over a traditional spreadsheet approach to bring visibility to the business for increased stability and resilience.

Join this webinar to see how BOARD gives Insurers an end-to-end view of information and allows them to:

  • Consolidate multiple sources of data, including Premiums and Claims, Retention and Churn Rate Analysis, to gain detailed understanding on customers
  • Perform ‘what-if’ modelling around Loss Ratios and Acquisition Costs to understand the true cost of on-boarding new accounts
  • Conduct Loss Development/Triangulation reporting with ease and quickly audit claims for missing information
  • Monitor performance at Branch, Underwriter and Broker level, including Advisor Commission modelling
  • Help Underwriters/Brokers to identify opportunities for upsell of policies to customers