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Business Intelligence Consultant

We are seeking a highly talented, self-motivated, dynamic and analytically minded Senior Consultant, with experience in both Business Intelligence solutions and Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting tools.

Your role will be to fully support the implementation of the BOARD solution through Business Partners or Customers directly.

Using your extensive technical skills and strong business and commercial understanding, you will help our Customers to realise the commercial / business benefits of the solution. You will work with and mentor, Business Partners and Customers on projects that can range from Proof of Concept to full implementations. You will provide strategic and senior level product presentations and demonstrations on all activities concerning Enterprise and Tactical BI/CPM opportunities.


  • Scope and help deliver projects
  • Provide Customer and Business Partner Mentoring and Governance
  • Manage project lifecycle
  • Be involved from Technical design through to implementation (depending on the need)
  • Develop Proof of Concepts / Prototypes for prospect clients/partners with the BOARD solution
  • Develop technical account plans in conjunction with sales representatives that include: technical qualification of prospects, proposed demonstration criteria, trial/prototype plans and closure
  • Provide Users Group and trade show support


This role provides an ideal opportunity to join an organisation which is growing fast and with a product at the technological forefront of its market.


  • Solid background (4 years+) working with and implementing BI / CPM solutions
  • A thorough understanding and experience of implementing and supporting BI and CPM projects
  • Experience working with Multi-dimensional databases (MOLAP), ROLAP
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Able to work against very tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent Communicator with strong interpersonal skills

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