Real Estate Management Made Easy

A common problem faced in property management is the time wasted navigating between a multitude of locations in which information is stored as well as a huge array of spreadsheets.  In a fast-paced, competitive industry such as property and real estate management, agencies require real-time information about their portfolios at their fingertips for quicker decision-making.

Whilst spreadsheets are cheap and universally recognised, seemingly ideal for international agencies operating in multi-currency, the limitations of this siloed, manual-approach to data management in today’s fast-paced market are costly and damaging to effective corporate strategies. 

Discover a solution designed to eliminate the disconnect and versioning between a plethora of management systems and reports used by Property agencies to immediately deliver, in one place, all the necessary information needed for strategic decision-making at every level within your business. This webinar will show you how, through the power of BOARD, you can strategically manage the multitude of systems and processes through a single, agile platform.

See how with a single, agile platform you can:

  • Quickly forecast space utilisation, capital risk, spending cycles and sustainability.
  • Run timely, customisable reports in just a few clicks from operational and management reporting to ad-hoc reports.
  • Take full control of your performance with workflow, audit trail, versioning and approval status processes.
  • Create intuitive, in-depth analyses across any system for deeper operational/financial insights.
  • Remove time-costly budgeting and reporting processes for quicker analysis and planning.
  • Create visually-rich, customisable dashboards and scorecards with an extensive range of charts, geo maps, heat maps, tree maps and more.