Cost efficient capacity planning

In an age of increasing global competition and a culture of instant demand and supply, Manufacturers require detailed visibility of their entire business in order to stay competitive and keep operations profitable. With disconnect between sales and operational departments and a lack of visibility across the planning process from initial forecasting, Manufacturers need to find a profitable balance between a customer centric sales process and realistic, cost-efficient operational productivity. The application of analytics and improved planning are key to identifying opportunities for improving operations and keeping production costs at a minimum. Discover how BOARD can improve your capacity planning by looking at the issues experienced during the sales forecasting vs production capacity process and identifying opportunities for improvement.

See how with BOARD you can:

  • Reconcile the goals of upper management with operational capabilities by creating an agile, easily adaptable rough cut capacity plan.
  • Gain and share visibility of production time constraints to your sales and upper management teams for more accurate sales forecasting.
  • Minimise overtime expenses and stay on schedule
  • Understand to what extent your business’ production capacity is being fully utilised
  • Pinpoint opportunities for maximising productivity with drill-down analysis
  • Moderate the sales forecast by the production capacity to identify the anticipated sales and gross contribution
  • Identify opportunities for wider margin through detailed insights into SKU velocity, performance, durability, workflow and procedure efficacy