VIS: Visualisation, Analytics and reporting with Board

  • 21 November 2022, 09:00 / 17:00
  • 22 November 2022, 09:00 / 17:00
  • Level: Basic
  • Address: De Entree 232, 5th Floor, 1101 EE Amsterdam,
  • Language: English

Duration: 2 days training

Price: 1000€


Course content and objectives:

The course is aimed at users who want to create business intelligence and CPM applications with the Board decision-making platform. You will learn how to create an application with Board quickly and easily by dragging and dropping objects and setting parameters. The tools included in the toolkit will be discussed and used in detail. In addition, participants will be introduced to the optimal creation of applications (capsules). The techniques presented will be deepened with practical exercises in the course.



  • Front-End
  • Dataview basics
  • Selections
  • Charts



  • Other Objects (Label, Menu etc)
  • Dashboard design best practices
  • Capsule Tiles & presentations
  • eCollaboration


General info: 

  • Training location: Board Benelux, De Entree 232, 5th Floor, 1101 EE Amsterdam
  • Catering: Drinks, snacks and lunch are provided to all participants
  • Registrations: Please register by e-mail at no later than 15 days before the start of the training.