Planning and Procedures with Board

  • 08 December 2020, 09:30 / 16:00
  • 09 December 2020, 09:30 / 16:00
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Online training
  • Language: English

This course is designed for Database Developers or advanced Power Users who have already completed the Data Modelling and Analysis & Reporting Courses or have equivalent experience. The course brings together many of the concepts covered in the previous courses and enables developers to build fully integrated and automated BI (Reporting) & CPM (Budgeting and Planning) solutions.

Timezone: GMT

Price: £1,000/person

The Board Procedure environment allows Board application developers to configure a broad range of tasks or actions. Topics include: automating the loading of data to Board, running bespoke data calculations and transformations, configuring data entry work screens and workflow structures and scenario creation.


  • Procedures overview
  • Data loading automation
  • Data Entry
  • Data Flow - Basics
  • Data Flow - Cube alignment
  • Data Flow – Calculations
  • Currency Conversion
  • Debugging
  • Workflow
  • Forecasting


  • A laptop able to “remote desktop” to Board training server – each trainee is provided with their own connection for the course and all training software, materials and exercises are accessed from there.
  • For online courses, a dual-screen setup is beneficial but not required


Completion of both Data Modelling and Analysis & Reporting courses is preferred, or equivalent Board experience.