Taylors Wines Deploys BOARD Platform to Streamline Production Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Thursday, 11 February 2016 - Chiasso and Sydney

BOARD International, the leading global provider of software for unified Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management, today announced that Taylor’s Wines, Australia’s premiere producer of fine wines, has deployed the BOARD BI and analytics platform for production planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Prior to implementing BOARD, Taylor’s understanding of its sales, operations and markets had been constricted by using multiple, disconnected spreadsheet reports from throughout the company. These required constant manual updates, yet still didn’t provide timely information for effective forecasting and decision management. “We weren’t getting an overall picture of the market, and were spending more time updating reports than actually analyzing the data they were supposed to give us,” said Hamza Jinwala, Finance Manager of Taylor’s Wines.

After a thorough review of potential vendors, Taylor’s chose the BOARD platform because it delivered the right mix of features and agility that they required. This included the ability to manage sales and operational data from virtually any source, a no-coding environment that any business user could modify via simple drag-and-drop steps, and the ability to deliver reports in standard MS Office and PDF formats on laptops and mobile devices.

Taylor’s consolidates data feeds from its e-commerce, ERP, sales CRM and marketing systems into the BOARD solution. This provides their business users with an all-in-one tool for forecasting, budgeting and operational analyses for effective decision management. “What we’ve found most valuable in the BOARD platform is its ability to easily access data from any platform, its broad range of visualizations, its write-back capabilities to the central data store, and its overall automation of the decision management process,” said Mr. Jinwala.

On the operational side, Taylor’s uses its BOARD platform to forecast demand and ensure optimum inventories both of its wines as they mature and the bottles and packaging required to meet demand as they ship worldwide via its many distributors.

For marketing, Taylor’s uses the BOARD solution to track the hundreds of wine competitions they enter each year around the globe. This allows them to analyze competitors’ offerings against their own to continually win as many awards as possible, increasing brand awareness and sales.

About Taylor’s Wine
The vision to build Australia’s most successful family-owned wine company was set by Bill Taylor who, in 1969, purchased land with his brother John and father Bill Taylor senior by the Wakefield River in Auburn, New South Wales. Taylor’s challenges world standards through its progressive practices, most evident in the family’s commitment to bottling all wines from the 2004 vintage under screw cap, the first major Australian wine company to do so. Taylor’s ability to meld tradition and innovation results in regular recognition, both in Australia and on the highly competitive world stage. In September 2009, Taylors Eighty Acres range became the world's first 100% carbon neutral wine range in accordance with the international standard for lifecycle assessment ISO14044.

About BOARD International
BOARD International has enabled more than 3,000 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management applications on a single integrated and programming-free platform, in a fraction of the time or cost required by traditional BI or CPM solutions. The BOARD platform provides a single, accurate and complete view of an organization’s information, fully integrated with enterprise processes, while uniquely planning and monitoring performance from strategic down to operational detail. BOARD has a worldwide direct sales force and a reseller network with local partners across the globe.

The most recent release of the BOARD platform, BOARD 10, allows organizations to harness the full power of an all-in-one decision management environment either on-premise or in the cloud, combining unified BI, Analytics and CPM with the architectural robustness and security of the Amazon Web Services platform or Microsoft Azure. BOARD 10 also introduces the “Data Fast Track,” a new self-service data modeling component that allows business users to easily connect to any data source, instantly create data models and immediately run visual analyses or build analytical applications on their own PCs.