Retail planning, analysis, and forecasting from BOARD
13 December 2018
By Fabio Lovesio, Head of Retail Industry, BOARD International

In an increasingly tough retail environment, only those who report and plan effectively will survive. So what should retailers be considering in order to prepare themselves for 2019 and beyond? In a nutshell, taking a more unified approach to making business decisions. In this blog, we explore just how they can go about achieving this. 

30 October 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International
Planning plays a key role in every organization, but all too often the process becomes incredibly time-consuming and is subject to change based on new information that was originally omitted or missing, resulting in a plan which delivers less return than the effort invested. We explore Ventana's latest research, which considers why a ‘predictive planning’ approach can maximize the effectiveness of the planning process to deliver a better return on the effort invested.
18 July 2018
By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International

Organizations are increasingly realizing the benefits of combining BI reporting, forecasting, planning, and predictions into a single software platform. Find out why Eckerson believe that Decision-Making Platforms are the way forward. 

21 May 2018
By Lawrence Serven, Regional Sales Director, The Americas, BOARD International

This is the eighth of a 12-part blog series appropriately called "The 12 Principles of Best Practice FP&A". These Principles are based on global research conducted with more than 700 organizations worldwide.

30 August 2017
By Gary Simon , Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum

The board pack is the product of a monthly process that can only travel at the speed of the slowest link in the chain, where any errors that arise are propagated perfectly along the reporting supply chain. These two issues taken together illustrate why a piecemeal approach to process improvement is unlikely to improve matters in the boardroom.

23 December 2016
By Fabio Lovesio, Head of Retail Industry, BOARD International

Remember when you needed separate electronic gear to play back music, make phone calls, take pictures, record audio and access the Internet?  The year was 2006. It was great for vendors, but a mess of expensive choices for consumers.

18 October 2016
By Jessica Venturini, General Manager Central Europe

When a leading business advisory purchases enterprise performance management software for its own use and allows the supplier to reference its purchase and successful implementation, it’s a compliment of the highest degree and a solid gold endorsement.

01 July 2016
By Phil Beavan, Former Professional Services Sector Manager

From the code of Hammurabi through the Magna Carta and centuries of Juris Prudence, the legal profession has always been a highly conservative one.  This is only natural considering that its foundations are built upon following established precedents and fact-based arguments.

But when it comes to business management technologies, law firms have discovered in recent years that a conservative approach is all too often a dangerous one. 

31 May 2016
By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International

Would you purchase a new home without walking through it?  Or a new car without a test drive?  So what I can’t fathom is why so many companies shopping for major planning and forecasting software don’t take the same advance steps before signing contracts to ensure a solid fit between what they want to accomplish and what a vendor can provide.