Zero-Based Budgeting with BOARD
15 November 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International

The concept of Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) isn’t new, but many firms have yet to adopt it effectively. In this blog we take a look at the benefits of a ZBB approach and provide some top tips for a successful implementation.

18 September 2018
By Andrea Alfieri, Head of Marketing

In this blog, we explore how a driver-based planning approach can create synergy between Finance and Operations departments. We also examine a real-life example of how one of the world’s leading brands - Coca-Cola - has undergone a Supply Chain Finance transformation initiative, supported by a driver-based planning approach.

11 January 2018
By Lawrence Serven, Regional Sales Director, The Americas, BOARD International

This is the third of a 12-part blog series appropriately called "The 12 Principles of Best Practice FP&A". These Principles are based on global research conducted with more than 700 organizations worldwide.

18 July 2017
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International

What’s in store for the Finance Function of the future? BOARD and PwC recently came together to explore just that, delivering a two-hour breakfast briefing at The Brewery in London entitled “The Future of Frazzled Finance Teams”, attended by over 80 finance professionals.

20 January 2017
By Andrea Alfieri, Head of Marketing

Nobody doubts the impact that automation can have on productivity, cost reduction and efficiency but a new study highlights that automation on its own is rarely sufficient to bring about enduring change.

14 July 2016
By Gary Simon , Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum

The role of the CFO is in the spotlight once again as businesses across the world grapple with the fall-out from Brexit.  Boards of management will be turning to their CFOs for data-driven insights to help guide them through the next 24 months.