04 December 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International

Managing large-scale manufacturing and distribution activities is challenging and complex, and who else would know this better than Santa, the master of global operations. Let us take a look behind the scenes to find out just how Santa manages to do it through the use of a unified Decision-Making Platform.

Construction wall with planning, simulation, and analytics foundations
27 November 2018
By Andrew Rae, Construction, Commercial Property and Manufacturing Industry Manager UK

The Construction sector is no stranger to competition; bidding on potential projects part and parcel of daily activity. But if competing firms’ core competencies are the same (i.e. the same staff skill levels, the same access to sub-contractors, the same experience), how can Construction firms ensure they’re able to stand out from the crowd, win more work and deliver the most cost-effective projects? Andrew Rae explores why the Decision-Making Platform is coming into its own for Construction companies.