16 October 2018
By Danielle Felder, Senior Social Media and Content Manager for IT Central Station

Over the last few months, the IT Central Station team gathered user reviews for BOARD with one goal: to find out what they really had to say about their experience with this leading business performance management solution. 

16 November 2017
By Lawrence Serven, Regional Sales Director, The Americas, BOARD International

Most CFOs are not happy with their financial planning & analysis process, believing it delivers too little value and eats up too many resources. This will be the subject of an upcoming series of blog posts called “12 Principles of Best Practice in Financial Planning and Analysis”.


05 July 2017
By Mark Sands, General Manager, Asia Pacific for BOARD International

This article will focus on the stress experienced by CFO’s in keeping up with all the tech changes - and how a one stop software solution can help to eradicate those concerns. 

26 April 2017
By Michael Talbott, Former Global Product Director, BOARD International

Daily life is an endless string of decisions. What to eat? How to spend our time best?  With whom?...and they are all based on thousands of comparisons. This process informs all of our business decisions as well.  We either consciously or unconsciously base business decisions on comparisons of the options before us. Without comparisons, there really can be no decisions.

09 March 2017
By Fabio Lovesio, Head of Retail Industry, BOARD International

Surviving deep waters requires learning how to swim first.

"I fear that too often the sizzle and “wow!” factors of purpose-built innovations get too much attention at the expense of the foundational digital capabilities retailers desperately need to stay competitive amidst the disruptions of the 21st century." 

10 February 2017
By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International

All too often, BI and analytics initiatives are short-sighted in that their goals are defined as providing insights from data feeds, and with that accomplished their implementers think the goal has been reached, when in fact it has not; it’s only the starting point for making a decision.  

01 February 2017
By Catherine Wilks, Chief Operating Officer for Data and Analytics in Assurance

At the rate at which the volumes of data are increasing, it is questionable whether Excel should be the tool of choice for finance.  All is not lost though as cost effective alternatives are available, as this article will demonstrate one such solution. 

18 October 2016
By Jessica Venturini, General Manager Central Europe

When a leading business advisory purchases enterprise performance management software for its own use and allows the supplier to reference its purchase and successful implementation, it’s a compliment of the highest degree and a solid gold endorsement.

21 September 2016
By Scott Jennings, Former Managing Director, The Americas, BOARD International

As anyone who’s ever tried to cultivate an attractive garden discovers, weeds are inevitable.  They crop up from seemingly nowhere, and if left unchecked, flourish like … well, like weeds.  Over the four decades since Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3 drove the first Modern Business Analytics wave, fueling early PC sales in the process, spreadsheets have become the ubiquitous weeds clogging business processes around the world.

01 July 2016
By Phil Beavan, Former Professional Services Sector Manager

From the code of Hammurabi through the Magna Carta and centuries of Juris Prudence, the legal profession has always been a highly conservative one.  This is only natural considering that its foundations are built upon following established precedents and fact-based arguments.

But when it comes to business management technologies, law firms have discovered in recent years that a conservative approach is all too often a dangerous one.