30 August 2017
By Gary Simon , Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum

The board pack is the product of a monthly process that can only travel at the speed of the slowest link in the chain, where any errors that arise are propagated perfectly along the reporting supply chain. These two issues taken together illustrate why a piecemeal approach to process improvement is unlikely to improve matters in the boardroom.

29 June 2017
By Michael Talbott, Former Global Product Director, BOARD International

The world of analytics is moving into the Cloud faster than smoke in an updraft and thee list of advantages is irresistible to businesses of all sizes. In this article, I offer major real-world requirements you need to verify in selecting your Cloud-based analytics, planning and reporting solution, and the questions you need to thoroughly explore with potential new vendors.

24 March 2016
By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International

As more and more enterprises explore the Cloud as a potential home for future BI and analytics solutions, they’ve often run into a fog bank of confusing offerings from dozens of vendors who are often more adept at hype than living up to customer expectations or requirements.