11 May 2017
By Michael Talbott, Former Global Product Director, BOARD International

In the first quarter of the 21st century, there still exists a huge chasm between how decisions are made in most companies and the proven technologies and methodologies they could be using to achieve far more accurate and dependable results. 

25 January 2017
By Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst and Co-founder of The Bloor Group

You can view the evolution of software through the lens of "integration and differentiation." So what can a business do to buffer itself from technology swings and disparate architectures?

21 September 2016
By Scott Jennings, Former Managing Director, The Americas, BOARD International

As anyone who’s ever tried to cultivate an attractive garden discovers, weeds are inevitable.  They crop up from seemingly nowhere, and if left unchecked, flourish like … well, like weeds.  Over the four decades since Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3 drove the first Modern Business Analytics wave, fueling early PC sales in the process, spreadsheets have become the ubiquitous weeds clogging business processes around the world.

11 March 2016
By John Wilkinson, COO, BOARD International

Throughout the history of IT, we’ve seen sharp inflection points where additive technologies suddenly sparked new business for what had been until then marginal or experimental technologies.  Take for example minicomputers, which didn’t really find acceptance in enterprises until they layered on multi-function data storage and management platforms with apps to input, process and focus outputs precisely fit to business requirements.