Tackling Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How data-driven retailers can profit from Black Friday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, retailers need to ask themselves, how well prepared are they for the influx of in-store and online customers about to descend.

2015 saw the UK's first £1billion shopping day with over £3.3billion spent over the whole weekend. A phenomenon not looking to slow as web traffic increased by a further 9% in 2015 with a 36% increase in online sales.*

Despite this, retailers were faced with multiple problems and losses as a result of unprecedented demand and insufficient planning.

Operational costs were dramatically raised as more staff, warehouse operatives and drivers were needed, meaning any high street returns resulted in a loss. Unplanned promotions and price reductions, not to remain competitive but to retain market share, saw some retailers’ efforts resulting in losses. 

See how, with BOARD, retailers can avoid losses and easily plan and prepare with just a few clicks.

From operational to promotional planning both across the supply chain and from a financial Omni-channel perspective, the BOARD solution delivers a one-stop shop for retail planning and analytics.

See in this webinar how you can:

  • Drive faster decision making for more effective promotions, push allocations and inventory consolidations with BOARD Weekly Sales, Stock and Intake analysis (WSSI).

  • Respond quickly to market changes and/or external factors with predictive analytics to simulate scenerios from enterprise level down to store and catergories, to reduce any production or delivery delays and execute strategic promotions.

  • Modify and add new business units or products without disrupting the analysis, planning and forecasting processes, for minimal business disruption.

  •  Gain access to vital sales figures with instant access to real time updates at Enterprise/Store/SKU levels.