Increase the profitability of your restaurant portfolio

With a single, interactive analytics and planning software solution for Restaurants and Food Service Chains

With new market entrants completely changing the way consumers think about eating out, restaurant chains and foodservice operators are battling to attract diners with innovative (and profitable) new offerings. The unified Board decision-making platform provides the solution by enabling managers to analyze, simulate, and plan in one solution, helping them to achieve an integrated approach to business planning, identify consumer trends, simulate the impact of new strategies, and deliver performance improvements company-wide.

Restaurant chain reporting and analytics
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Transforming Restaurant and Food Service Decision-making

The Board platform consolidates data from multiple sources, locations, and points of sale into a single view, providing a truly integrated approach to planning and analytics for restaurants and franchises. At any step of the decision-making process, Board’s restaurant data analytics capabilities enable managers to access to up-to-date information and gain actionable insights across key restaurant chain processes, including Front-of-House (FOH) and kitchen control, customer spending and loyalty management, supplier and purchasing evaluation, and workforce & inventory optimization.

Corporate Performance Management

  • Financial Planning
  • Profitability Analysis, Modeling, and Optimization
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Strategy Management

Restaurant Network Analytics

  • Sales Analysis
  • Restaurant Analysis
  • Staff and Employment Analysis

Operational Planning and Simulation

  • Restaurant Planning and Forecasting
  • Resource Allocation
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Simulation of new Products or Promotions
  • Waste Reduction

Thanks to Board’s integrated restaurant analysis and reporting functionality, managers can better understand workforce performance for each location, allowing them to concentrate on meaningful relationships with staff and guests and spend more time on the restaurant floor while delivering both more efficient management and increased customer engagement.

Restauranteurs can also take advantage of Board’s outstanding predictive modeling tools to identify key business trends and relevant sales opportunities to stay ahead of their competitors, using predictions for both analysis and planning in a single interactive environment.

Increase the depth of your Restaurant and Food Service Analytics

Gain a detailed understanding of your sales performance and customers’ purchasing habits to identify potential opportunities for growth.

Restaurant and foodservice analysis using Board platform
This screen shows the analysis of the activities of a single restaurant belonging to a larger chain
  • Quickly perform detailed sales analysis

    Identify the most profitable products or meal combinations by analyzing and comparing sales by factors such as product category, cost, time period, and promotion

  • Understand the underlying factors affecting restaurant performance

    Examine the performance of individual restaurants or franchise groups, factoring in everything from raw ingredient costs to other influential factors such as weather, time of year, and footfall

  • More effectively manage your employees

    Gain clarity over staff performance by individual team member by monitoring key KPIs and identify locations requiring training, investment, or additional resources

Enable more-informed Restaurant and Food Service Planning

Increase the accuracy of your strategic, financial, and operational decision-making with the ability to plan and forecast in real time.

  • Increase the depth of your restaurant planning and forecasting

    Utilize accurate historical data and real-time changes to materials costs as a basis for forecasting and planning future menus, restaurant openings and closures, and staffing requirements

  • Understand the impact of cost changes on the bottom line

    Model and review, in real time, how changes in food, liquor, and labor costs affect the P&L

  • Save money by reducing waste

    Identify underperforming menu items and forecast product usage to gain a clearer picture of what is required and when it is needed

Restaurant planning and forecasting with Board
With this example workflow of planning steps it is possible to forecast revenues and to forecast costs and margins associated with ingredients and recipes
Customer success story: KFC UK

Centralized Driver-Based Planning

The planning process that used to take 3-4 weeks is now done in a matter of days.
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Flexible Financial Planning & Analysis at The Cheesecake Factory
Fast, intuitive Financial Planning & Analysis
Shari's Management Corporation
Integrated planning, forecasting, and financial reporting

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