Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics for Restaurant Services and Chains

Increase control and profitability of your restaurant and casual dining network: analyze, simulate, plan and forecast in a single interactive environment

Plagued by ever-increasing volumes of granular data, restaurant executives often struggle to recognize critical issues that will have the greatest impact on their food service chains. Furthermore, individual restaurants, even those that are part of national chains, can often end up being managed as business islands. Through its unified approach of BI, CPM, and advanced analytics, the Board platform helps top executives to link together strategical and operational activities while increasing their effectiveness.

Board’s restaurant business intelligence software empowers decision makers with a unified platform for operational and financial planning, analytics, and simulation to monitor, protect and maximize margins for all of the restaurants in their food service chains and franchisee networks.

As a comprehensive solution, effectively and coherently running across distributed organizations, Board orchestrates and consolidates data from multiple sources, locations and POS into a single view, providing a truly integrated approach to analytics for restaurants. At any step of the decision-making process, Board’s restaurant data analytics allows managers to have access to up-to-date information and gain valuable and actionable insights across key restaurant chain processes, from Front-of-House (FOH) and Kitchen control, to customer spending and loyalty management, supplier and purchasing evaluation, and Workforce and Inventory optimization.

Thanks to Board’s integrated restaurant analysis and reporting, managers can better understand workforce performance for each location, allowing them to concentrate on meaningful relationships with staff and guests and spend more time on the restaurant floor, while delivering both more efficient management and increased customer engagements.

Restaurant managers can take advantage of Board’s outstanding predictive modelling techniques and tools to identify key business trends and relevant sales opportunities to stay ahead of their competitors.

Key advantages: