The #1 decision making platform

Sparking your business imagination.
The #1 decision making platform


Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Analytics Software.
Everything you need in a single platform.


One Product

Board unifies all of the functionality required for decision making in a single platform

One View

Board unifies any data source into a single logical view
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Create any application without the need for coding.

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Board makes the delivery model a matter of choice

Build once and deploy everywhere

Board's responsive technology:
anywhere on all your devices

Build once and deploy everywhere

Ease of use meets Enterprise capability

Conceived for business users, structured for the Enterprise


Board’s enterprise-class technologies allow your organization to easily build, deploy, and maintain business intelligence, planning, and simulation applications with thousands of users and terabytes of data.

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Board’s agility fosters departmental business intelligence, simulation, and planning solutions without compromising seamless connections to the enterprise environment.

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Business Users

Board’s self-service capabilities offer users the freedom to run their own analyses using validated corporate data, their own data-sources, or both.

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Cutting-edge Technology

The powerful hybrid in-memory architecture, super agile data-model, enterprise class security, and a comprehensive set of features make Board a leading technology platform.

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Board features

Board offers, in a single platform, a comprehensive set of capabilities and features that you won’t find in any other business intelligence and performance management software solution.

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Solutions for any business need

Whatever your industry, department or business need, Board allows you to quickly create fully customized applications that enhance your decision-making processes.

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