Oregon Medical Group chooses BOARD for Budgeting, Reporting and Dashboarding

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Oregon Medical Group, a primary care based, multispecialty physician group, has chosen BOARD as their Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution for Reporting, Dashboarding and Budgeting.

Oregon Medical Group (OMG) consists of a wide variety of ancillary services to support efficient patient care and access. More than one out of every three people in the Eugene metro area sees an Oregon Medical Group physician as their primary care provider.

While OMG maintains the highest quality care to the community, the Affordable Care Act is causing more accountability from the doctor’s office to the insurance companies and government payers. Groups now need to have various data elements at their fingertips; BOARD allows OMG to put pertinent information in the physician’s hands with minimal effort.

BOARD provides one analytical version of the truth empowering users to pull reports without having to write code, eliminating bottlenecks in report development. This capability to run automated reports alleviates manual processes thus enabling business users to spend more time analyzing the data rather than compiling the data. With BOARD, OMG now has the ability to reconcile and report on inconsistencies in data between various databases. Additionally, BOARD’s dynamic, up to date dashboards provide a comprehensive view of the entire business as well as clinical quality measures for patient population management.

Joshua Kimball, Chief Operating Officer at OMG says, “BOARD allows us to use data from various databases to get a much better picture of the operations of the group. The flexibility of BOARD and having it installed locally makes connecting to disparate data sources easy, giving us a more complete view of our patient population and overview of the business.”

About Oregon Medical Group

Oregon Medical Group was established in 1988 with the principle that physician control and direction is essential for the provision of high quality medical care. The medical practice is governed by a board of directors, which is comprised of their physicians, In addition to the board, physicians participate in a number of communities, which help direct activities within the organization. An executive team of professional business managers governs the non-clinical business operations of Oregon Medical Group.