On-demand Webinar

Workforce - the most important value and cost factor for companies

Raising potential and saving costs with the right workforce planning


Employees are any company's most valuable resource and are more crucial than ever due to developing digitalisation and the shortage of skilled workers.

Against this background, it is not surprising that the workforce budget is among the main cost drivers in a company and its planning is therefore of central importance. Human resource planning is key to understanding the financial impact of staffing levels, salaries, benefits, incentives and numerous other business activities. 

In this webinar, we will show you key elements for quantitative and qualitative HR steering.  See how you can make more accurate forecasts and consequently make better and more efficient decisions through analysing your company data. By utilizing the power of analysis, you will get a transparent overview of the entire workforce. Everything from employee turnover, overtime and contract work to salary, bonus, leave and training will be conveniently represented for you.  

Join us and learn how you can:  

  • Calculate FTE and associated staff costs based on organisational units, contract type, role, level and more.
  • See how staffing decisions affect cost centres and profitability, as well as capture, manage and forecast all staffing costs.
  • Create hiring plans and job profiles, as well as identify gaps and optimally align workforce planning with your business objectives.


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