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Thriving in Uncertain Times Through Agile Sales Operations


In increasingly uncertain times, maximizing revenue generation is more challenging than ever. Agile sales operations is vital to keeping sales reps productive, and on target – yet many organizations lack the technology that empowers them with the flexibility and clarity they need. To maximize revenue generation, sales teams need more than just a CRM to be effective. They need a platform that enables agile, accurate decision-making.  

In this exclusive webinar, we're joined by three sales operations leaders explore how digital transformation is changing sales operations and discuss: 

  • How sales operations is changing
  • What do sales operations need to prioritize today
  • What pain points sales operations are most experiencing
  • What technology is available and how it can help
  • How to drive an effective transformation in sales operations for the future


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    Kevin Raybon

    Chairman, Global Sales Operations Association

    A true thought leader in the function of Sales Operations with a track record of founding and running sales ops teams that make a transformational difference. For over 15 years, Kevin has been a part of executive leadership teams at NEC, Schneider Electric and Thomson Reuters and, as a consultant, has helped firms from diverse industries adjust and operationalize their go-to-market strategies.

    His passion is building a Sales Operations function that makes a positive impact on the lives of the sales team they serve. He believes that Sales Operations…when done right…enables a sales function to be:

    • Actively managed
    • Easy to sell for
    • Run with a High-Performance Culture

    Kevin founded the Global Sales Operations Association (sopsa.org) in 2019 with the mission to grow the function of Sales Operations and the careers of those who choose to make it their profession.

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    Toby Carrington

    Senior Vice President Revenue Operations, Seismic

    Toby currently leads Revenue Operations for Seismic, the world’s leading sales enablement company.  Toby is a native Australian, and has lived and worked also in Europe, Asia and the United States where he is currently based in New York.  He is an experienced senior leader and board member across a variety of industries in the commercial and not-for-profit sector and prior to Seismic led global Sales Operations & Enablement for Siemens Healthineers.  He is an early-stage investor with advisory roles in multiple successful start-ups across SaaS, fintech, food and beverage and medtech companies.

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    Ahmed Chowdhury

    Head of Revenue Operations, App Annie

    Ahmed Chowdhury is the Head of Revenue Operations for App Annie, a leading mobile data and analytics platform based in San Francisco. Ahmed has over 11 years of experience in sales operations working for a number of leading organizations such as Anaplan, Dialpad and MemSQL before joining App Annie last October.

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    Jim Rich

    General Manager, Board Americas

    Jim Rich is the General Manager for Board Americas overseeing all aspects of the operation. He has over 25 years of experience building, growing and leading sales teams in various industries with companies of all sizes. Jim spent 7 years with Salesforce.com where he built the first Commercial Sales team in New York and helped grow that team to several hundred in a few short years. He also built the East Coast Sales team for Anaplan and transformed the US Sales team for Sisense over the past several years.

    Jim has a deep passion for driving the value associated with implementing Sales Performance Management platforms.