On-demand Webinar

Resilient Retail: How can intelligent planning drive resilience?

Webinar with Microsoft


Let’s be honest. As a retail insider today, you’ve already proved your resilience.

And you already know that new challenges are testing that resilience, from rising operational costs to reduced discretionary spending amidst global recession fears. 

We asked experts to share how Intelligent Planning has transformed leading retailers' merchandising, supply chain, and customer experience planning.

Join retail veterans Sue McMahon, Director of Worldwide Retail Strategy at Microsoft, and Matt Hopkins, Head of Retail at Board, and learn how this new approach to retail planning can fix, sustain, and grow their profitability.

Leave this insight-packed on-demand webinar with: 

  • A new perspective on resilience for 2023
  • How leading retailers put resilience first through planning 
  • Tips for your own Intelligent Planning transformation