On-demand Webinar

Perfecting the Recipe: Integrated Business Planning for Food & Beverage Businesses 


The Food and Beverage manufacturing sector has seen an opportunity to benefit from the changing consumer behaviour during the pandemic, while at the same time many have also seen significant challenges to their supply chains.  Where companies have done well, there is a risk that they will become inefficient amidst this growth, something that will be exposed post-pandemic.  Equally, there will be challenges with trend and demand forecasting and rising efficiency expectations of business stakeholders as things return to normal levels..  

With Food and Beverage businesses having several unique traits such as limited shelf-livescold chain and storage requirements, the existence of supply-driven modelstraceability requirements for provenance and ethical sourcing, and high degrees of regulations in some cases, they must be considered in an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach. 

Watch the webinar as we share the latest insights on the sector and introduce the Board Integrated Business Planning solution for Food and Beverage businesses, showcasing how to:  

  • Seamlessly unify analysis and planning to undertake Strategy Setting 
  • Quickly evaluate changes to your Product Portfolio  
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations by leveraging critical signals from internal and external sources to create a positive impact on Demand Planning  
  • Understand the many benefits of optimising stock across the entire supply chain through risk analysis and identifying possible bottlenecks to ensure Inventory Optimisation  
  • Accelerate Production Capacity Planning