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Microsoft & Board:
Top 5 FP&A Drivers for 2021


With the importance of FP&A heightened in times of crisis, companies are quickly realizing the need to invest in digitally-driven solutions that deliver greater agility to the business.  

According to Microsoft and Board, the success of these investments will be determined by 5 key drivers: 

  • Automating the end-to-end forecasting process with IBP
  • Aligning long-term scenario planning with short-term operations management
  • Combining zero-based and driver-based planning
  • Improving visibility and transparency through a digital boardroom
  • Transforming how the office of finance is run with Cloud


In this webinar, discover how to increase revenue, reduce costs, and free up time for value-added activities by leveraging these drivers.

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    Marco Billeter

    Sales Manager, Applications & Cloud Infrastructure at Microsoft

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    Chris Field

    Head of Pre-sales and FP&A expert at Board International