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Increase Product Availability and Improve Profitability through Better Demand Planning

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With the effects of the pandemic waning, Consumer Packaged Goods organizations must maintain a mindset of innovation and growth – but they should also reflect on the areas where they were left exposed, and take steps to make their operations even more resilient.

In this four-stage webinar series, we explore how CPG companies can use advanced planning methods to turn the data they have into the actionable insights needed to succeed and drive better decision-making throughout the business.

Demand planning is the linchpin of the Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) cycle. Once determined, the product offer is key to carefully assessing all the demand coming from all the channels.

In episode 3, we examine how a combination of predictive analytics and strategic inputs by the different planners involved can enable CPG companies to reach the ultimate goal of striking a balance between sufficient inventory levels to meet customer needs, without having a surplus.

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