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The Future of Financial Decision Making - Komatsu


The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates yet again the need for organizations to be agile in their financial and operational decision making. Rapid market changes, evolving customer behaviour and significant advancement in technology have been urging companies to seek new ways of responding quicker and more decisively to these challenging external pressures.

Download the recording of this webinar to discover from Komatsu how they faced these challenges and are how they prepared for the Future of Financial Decision Making. 

Komatsu: The Collaborative Finance department

The finance department at Komatsu is more and more focussing to include the business people in their finance processes. How? By making them owner of the data. Not just by making the business data owner in their finance systems but Komatsu will further develop the integration encouraging focussed analysis by the business and the finance people together.

Komatsu will work more and more towards a situation where finance leaders are aligned with the business people, which will result in more profound conclusions and better decision making.