On-demand Webinar

FP&A Board Maturity Model:
Best-In-Class FP&A & How to Get There

Webinar in partnership with FP&A Trends


Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) has become an essential element of the DNA of the most successful organisations. And yet, at a time requiring speed and agility, finance professionals continue to cleave to traditional management accounting methods and adhere to longstanding processes.

Finance teams need practical advice on how to digitally transform FP&A.

In this webinar we share the findings of the research "FP&A Board Maturity Model: Best-In-Class FP&A and How to Get There", where we interviewed 20 leading experts in FP&A and analysed poll results from over 1,000 senior FP&A professionals.

Watch the video to learn practical steps for taking your FP&A maturity to the next level and becoming a best-in-class FP&A team!



  • FP&A Maturity Model: from merely predicting to driving performance
  • Moving your Maturity to the next level: Practical steps
  • Creating the Roadmap: 9 rungs to FP&A transformation
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Q&A Session