On-demand Webinar

The Digital Board of Directors: Reinventing Financial & C-Suite Reporting and Analytics


Often, executives are required to make lightning-fast decisions that can make or break a company. However, they are still entering the Boardroom with traditional static reporting books on which to base these decisions.

Board can transform executive reporting by creating a live book that integrates strategic data from any existing source in the organization, breaking free from silos and getting rid of conflicting insights.


Watch this webinar to learn how Board enables Executive boards to: 

Integrate departmental data into a single consistent information repository that facilitates cross-functional analysis and helps users to discover hidden insights

Transition from high-level holistic views to detailed day-to-day operational views that can trace information back to source systems 

Automatically produce a Management reporting book to support Executive Board meetings, which dynamically responds to changes in data and emerging trends by highlighting leading performance figures as well as alerting users about lagging processes and bottlenecks in the business

Simulate the outcome of management decisions and help evaluate their impact through advanced analytics and predictive technology