On-demand Webinar

In control of your consolidation and disclosure from A to Z


Todays' challenge
Financial professionals worldwide are increasingly under pressure to deliver accurate data, compelling financial reports, and actionable insights for their groups. Ever-changing demands in the finance department require a modern approach to consolidation.

Close & Consolidation is a crucial part of the financial process within a business. For most companies keeping on top of internal and external reporting requirements can be very intense and time-consuming. In these times of significant global and business change, everyone is looking for ways to keep their organizations going.

The solution
Board Financial Consolidation gives your complete control of the consolidation process. The application will help you track and validate each step in the consolidation process to ensure accurate consolidated figures. The powerful Board engine allows you to consolidate your data in a few minutes. In addition, the scalability and flexibility of the technology ensure your organization has the right application in-house when looking into the future growth of your organization

Since your external reporting is usually the last mile of your consolidation process, we see that most companies generate their annual report in a word processer, a very labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone process. The Board API and Office add-in will help you automate your external reporting, saving time and making the process more robust.


During this webinar we will show you how to run an accurate consolidation and generate your internal and external reports in a single platform. 

In the demo, we will show, in cooperation with our Business Partner PlanPulse;

  • how to use Board Financial consolidation from a controller point of view
  • how to track every step in your consolidation process.
  • how to automate your external reporting
  • scalability and flexibility
  • user-friendliness (100% code free)