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BARC Score Integrated Planning and Analytics 2021

Exclusive Research Launch On-Demand Webinar



In today’s dynamic markets, corporate planning, forecasting, and analytics are more essential than ever. To overcome disruption and succeed in turbulent times, organizations need to analyze, plan, and adapt quickly and effectively.

The exclusive “Integrated Planning & Analytics” Score report by BARC provides a comprehensive overview of the integrated planning and analytics software market and what it takes to keep pace. The research report involved 13 global leaders and includes essential recommendations for taking your business planning and decision-making to the next level.    

In this webinar, Dr. Christian Fuchs, Senior Analyst Data & Analytics at BARC and Björn Maaß, Head of Pre-Sales and Financial Applications at Board, present the key findings of the research.   

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out:  

  • The current state of digital transformation in planning and analytics  
  • Market trends in corporate planning and forecasting 
  • Practical recommendations for taking your business planning to the next level  
  • How the Board decision-making platform can drive your corporate planning forward  


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    Dr. Christian Fuchs

    Senior Analyst Data & Analyticsat BARC 

    Dr. Christian Fuchs is Senior Analyst and Head of Data & Analytics Research at BARC. His areas of expertise are decision-supporting information systems in the field of corporate performance management; planning, budgeting and forecasting; financial consolidation and analytics front-ends.

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    Björn Maaß

    Head of Pre-Sales and Financial Applications at Board 

    Björn Maaß is Head of Pre-Sales & Financial Applications at Board Germany. He has many years of consulting experience in the enterprise performance management environment. Before joining Board, Björn supervised the introduction of CPM software for international customers in a wide range of industries.