Analyze, Plan and Simulate in the Oil & Gas Industry 

Bring facilities, pipeline, and corporate onto the same page with BOARD

In most Oil & Gas companies, new organizational structures have resulted in significant changes, including consolidation and decentralization, to ensure flexibility and continuity across all the steps in the supply chain. Upstream, midstream, and downstream: all the sources of business data need to be effectively managed through comprehensive digitalization.

BOARD’s oil and gas analytics software is a Decision-Making Platform for the entire hydrocarbon supply chain. Unlike other oil and gas software solutions, BOARD works as the Enterprise Control Tower, bringing all your analysis, reporting, planning, and simulation processes into the same interactive environment.

Based on accurate and real-time management of oilfield technical, operational, and financial data, BOARD allows your company to standardize and integrate a variety of operative plans with strategy and financial planning and analysis, making light work of your accounting and operational planning activities. From Exploration & Production to transport and refinery, primary and secondary distribution to the fuel market, plants, pipeline and corporate will no longer be disconnected.

Facing a new competitive landscape driven by the climate regulation agenda, and transformed by new entrants, the Oil & Gas Industry is dealing with the rise of new hydrocarbon sources and a shift in global demand patterns. Companies need to accelerate decision-making processes to optimize operations, reduce costs and non-productive time, and promote oil and gas as vital components of the energy mix.

With BOARD you can plan, analyze and simulate throughout your entire Oil & Gas Supply Chain:


UPSTREAM - Exploration & Production
  • Integrate oilfield technical, operational and financial data through end-to-end Exploration and Production data management
  • Gain a full and consistent view of resources, assets and inventory across different sites and facilities
  • Implement proactive asset management by using simulation capabilities and predictive scenarios
  • Increase continuity of your plants through better management of planned/unplanned downtime
  • Better manage product lifecycles by forecasting production profiles and monitoring decline curves

MIDSTREAM - Transport
  • Integrate and align operations and logistics across different locations and subcontractors
  • Ensure on-time delivery through accurate transport planning, from facilities to refinery and from refinery to market
  • Cost-effectively manage schedules, transportation, storage and exchange through cost analysis
  • Ensure full visibility of the Oil & Gas pipeline by monitoring Entry & Exit points’ operations

DOWNSTREAM - Refine and Market
  • Always ensure balance between supply and demand by breaking down planning silos
  • Keep pace with commodity price volatility through price/order/contract analysis
  • Identify the business units that create the greatest risk to the enterprise
  • Make your hydrocarbon supply chain profitable and sustainable in the long-term by unifying strategy, demand planning and execution across different lines of business and geographies

"Analyze, plan and simulate in the Oil & Gas Industry"

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