Analysis, Planning and Forecasting for Non-Profits, Charities and Associations.

Board helps non-profits to successfully pursue their mission with transparency and full control

For non-profit organizations the use of resources is highly constrained, regulated, and depends on prior budgeting approval. Furthermore, to ensure donor engagement, non-profit organizations need to show their results in detail to contributors and authorities, proving their accountability/integrity and gaining social and ethical trust.

Board is the comprehensive decision-making platform that combines donor intelligence, fundraising planning, and analytics with financial planning and cashflow forecasting. 

Board provides non-profit organizations with the capabilities they need to meet mandatory budgeting requirements and improve their transparency for contributors and authorities. Measuring effectiveness in mobilizing human resources, Board helps charities to deal with internal personnel changes and operational challenges, as well as identifying and analyzing human capital development and improvement needs.

Through the cross-fund and cross-department reporting functionality of Board, associations can avoid micromanagement and mismatches between local teams, promoting a consensus around missions or goals. Within the same BI & CPM all-in-one environment, Board’s cash-flow forecasting capabilities allow non-profit associations to better control, manage, and predict fundraising outcomes such as grants and donations, that typically occur through an irregular flow of money.

Thanks to a wide range of dashboard and analytics tools, Board provides a meaningful and complete picture of donors, allowing associations to understand how people are engaged and improving donor management, integrated with full visibility into funds, projects, and programs. 

With Board you can implement a unified environment for your entire non-profit organization: