Nampak chooses BOARD for Planning & Analytics

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - London

Nampak Plastics Europe Limited (Nampak Plastics), a subsidary of Nampak Limited, have chosen BOARD; a global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) as their strategic Business Intelligence & Planning solution.

Nampak Plastics opted for BOARD for its unique ability to handle multiple complex data sets in a single, unified, self-serving environment to replace a reliance on spreadsheet-based reports. The initial solution was the implementation of a finite production planning solution. Sales and stock data (interfaced from the ERP solution) along with forecasted sales was overlain with multiple business constraints such as machine numbers, machine location, machine mould types and staff numbers to pull together a short term production plan. BOARD has also enabled the capture and reporting of daily operational metrics from across Nampak Plastics nine branches, thus enabling a timely, accurate tracking of the company’s KPIs.

Nampak Plastics also required a Business Intelligence solution for their Sales and Revenue Reporting. With BOARD, Nampak Plastics’ end-users will now have personalised dashboards and the ability to create comprehensive revenue reports by product; customer; manufacturing site without the timely requirement of the IT department through self-access reporting, leading to more efficient decision making.

The final stage of the planning project has provided Nampak with an aid to their Production Planning, allowing Nampak Plastics to use scenerio planning to simulate various demand and production scenerios. The combination of these business solutions will now enable Nampak Plastics make better business decisions to reduce time and cost to the overall production and supply processes, through accurate KPI tracking and self-access reporting.

We are very happy with BOARD as a planning and business intelligence tool, it has changed the way we work and has had a tremendous positive impact. We have the best solution on the market for meeting demand in terms of optimisation (of capacity) speed, quality of data and what we are producing. ”

Gemma Old, Head of Business Systems