Live webinar

Microsoft & Board Webinar - Driving a resilient Supply Chain with Intelligence APAC

Ensuring your Supply chain plans in Manufacturing remain commercially resilient amid uncertainty

As the complexity in the discrete manufacturing and speed of data increases in the supply chain process, what changes are required to drive a resilient planning state, and what are the barriers to such changes?

Moreso, how do you gain a competitive advantage by exploring alternative models and scenarios to ensure your supply chain is profitable with every optimal decision taken?

Join us in this live webinar to hear from Jesse Alleyne – Director, Industry Solutions at Microsoft, and Dave Food – Head of Supply Chain Planning at Board international, as they share insights to consider :

  • why variability is so challenging to handle commercially
  • how intelligent technology can help drive flexibility, adoption, and aid in strategic decision-making
  • how successful businesses leverage their supply chains to drive innovation and change


  • Jesse Alleyne - Industry Director, Microsoft