Live webinar

Introduction to the Board 2022 Summer Release

Join us on August 23rd to learn about the latest Board Release

We are excited to release the Board 2022 Summer Release on August 18th, 2022. This update introduces various significant enhancements and new features for every type of Board user, from Developers to End Users.


Join us for this introductory webinar on August 23rd to learn more about the latest Board 2022 Summer Release and how it will support you and your organization. There are two session times and we invite you to register for the one that works best for you:

  • August 23rd, 9am CET / 5pm AEST
  • August 23rd, 5pm CET / 11am EDT


Some of the new features you will learn more about are

  • the Smart Import that allows the definition of simplified, guided processes to import excel datasets into Board,
  • the Power BI add-in that enables Power BI users to consume Board data into Power BI Reports
  • Cube Visibility that offers Developers unprecedented control over data stored in Cubes
  • and much more


Together with the Board 2022 Summer Release, we will also launch updates of our financial applications Board Financial Consolidation and Board Lease Accounting.


Stay tuned – we look forward to seeing you on August 23rd.


This webinar is for Board customers and partners only. Even if you cannot attend live, please register to receive the recording. 


  • Introduction to the Board 2022 Summer Release Image 1
    Aaron Rozansky, VP of Global Sales Enablement, Board International
  • Introduction to the Board 2022 Summer Release Image 2
    Sudhir Raju, Head of Product Enablement, Board International