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Intelligent Rightsizing: Effectively Managing the Modern Workforce

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When external factors like COVID-19 impact the global economy, aligning business goals with HR strategy can present real challenges. While downsizing was used in the past to achieve rapid cost savings by reducing the workforce, in a modern business scenario, organizations should instead be focusing on rightsizing to continuously adapt headcount and ensure resilience as market conditions continue to change.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Board can help HR leaders find ways to succeed in a continuously reshaped world by:

  • Tightening up the connection between strategic goals and the workforce
  • Modeling scenarios and testing the impact of transfers, restructures, and reskilling
  • Planning headcount with real-time visibility on cost of employment
  • Determining optimal workforce and spending levels
  • Getting a clear view of roles, responsibilities, skills, and competences
  • Retaining and growing talent