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FP&A Maturity Model: Achieving Intelligent Transformation - APAC

An FP&A Trends Webinar

For many years, the International FP&A Board has been developing an FP&A Maturity Model to highlight the attributes of the best-in-class FP&A department. The model was conceived by the London FP&A Board in 2016 and further developed by hundreds of senior finance practitioners in 27 International FP&A Board chapters.

Today, the FP&A Maturity Model allows organizations of any size, industry, and geography to assess where they are in terms of planning and analysis. It is the best tool for you to understand where you are on the journey and outline the roadmap for getting to the best-in-class FP&A.

Join us on 27th September to learn more about how to achieve FP&A Intelligent Transformation. The webinar is based on our global research that is focused on the FP&A Board Maturity Model categories of Process, Data & Analytics, and Technology.

Register for this webinar to find out:

  • What is the FP&A Maturity Model
  • FP&A Intelligent Transformation defined
  • How to move to the leading state of FP&A Maturity through Process, Data & Analytics, and Technology

A recording of the webinar will be shared afterwards with everyone who registers.