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Achieve Integrated Trade Promotions and Product Portfolio Management

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With the effects of the pandemic waning, Consumer Packaged Goods organizations must maintain a mindset of innovation and growth – but they should also reflect on the areas where they were left exposed, and take steps to make their operations even more resilient.

In this four-stage webinar series, we will be exploring how CPG companies can use advanced planning methods to turn the data they have into the actionable insights needed to succeed and drive better decision-making throughout the business.

The product is key for CPG companies to reach all business targets and defend vital market share. Innovation must be then carefully planned in order to respect timing and objectives and considered as a "project" with milestones and collaboration between teams. 

Promotions management is the foundation of demand planning. The planning tools must be able to provide actionable insights on the past results of the sales actions and to forecast the possible uplifts of future campaigns. Join us in episode 2 to find out more!

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