Live webinar

30-minute Board Solution Demo - Accurate and rapid closings with Board

Board Financial Consolidation addresses the challenges that global organizations face today from intercompany reconciliations, consolidation adjustments, and group reporting.

Join us on June 23rd at 1 pm for a demo of Board’s solution to see how it enables companies to perform legal and management consolidation in a single, integrated environment. Learn how it can free up your finance team to spend more time analyzing performance and less time on manual consolidation activities.

In this demo you’ll see how Board simplifies and speeds the financial consolidation process while delivering powerful insights by:

  • Allowing data collection from heterogeneous sources
  • Providing easy multi-currency conversion
  • Embedding BI and CPM capabilities for insight into financial and operational results
  • Enabling complete financial control and auditability



  • Michael Leese

    Pre-Sales Solution Architect, Board International