Wholesale Planning with Predictive Forecasting in Retail

In turbulent markets, fashion and luxury wholesalers need to have a better understanding of their customers than ever before to optimize performance. To achieve this, sophisticated reporting and predictive forecasting capabilities are required, embedded within an Integrated Retail Planning approach, so retailers can effectively negotiate product lines, and gain complete transparency for all stakeholders of how each sales agreement will impact financial results.

Join this webinar on June 23rd at 1pm EDT to discover how, in a single platform, Board can help you drive digital transformation and streamline your end-to-end fashion and luxury wholesale planning process to:

  • Achieve a best-practice integrated retail planning and analytics approach
  • Accurately forecast sales across the entire product range
  • Quickly project the performance of new product lines
  • Determine the right allocation mix
  • Gain complete transparency across all customers, regions, and areas


  • Ty Jessup | Solutions Architect | Board Americas

    Ty is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of combined experience in several roles across multiple industries using Corporate Performance Management Solutions. Ty has the perspective of an Administrator of CPM solutions, and has spent the majority of his career as a Consultant, designing and implementing multidimensional models.