On-demand Webinar

The Value of Data and Insights in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Services and Food chains face many challenges due to the competitive and dynamic nature of the industry and often run on limited profit margins. However, there is considerable potential to increase profit margin via an enhanced capability to model, plan, and analyze the data that drives your organization.
Board enables a single version of the truth for Restaurants, Chains, and Franchises whose decentralized structure requires a shared view of data from all sources, locations and POS. Board helps organizations closely monitor each restaurant and branch to seamlessly connect financial planning with sales analysis and operations.
During this 30-minute webinar, discover how Board helps restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory to achieve actionable insights and drive performance by using Board for:
  • Financial and Sales Planning
  • Workforce forecasting, variable staff scheduling based on weather forecast
  • Predictive analysis on foot, drive-through, and drive-by traffic
  • Analyzing POS data for menu/pricing insights
  • Quantifying contribution of special promotions to the bottom line
  • Integrating food commodity spend forecast with sales planning
  • Providing standardized reporting and processes to roll out to multiple locations