Transforming the Supply Chain with Integrated Business Planning

For many organizations, disjointed planning processes cause a lack of transparency across the supply chain, creating bottlenecks which hinders users’ ability to make competitive decisions quickly. In response, many leading companies are turning to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to create a connection between supply chain processes and corporate value creation to introduce a more transparent, efficient approach. 
By combining CPM, BI, and Predictive Analytics in a single platform, Board acts as a control tower for all planning, forecasting, and reporting activities, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate their processes business-wide and streamline execution across the entire supply chain.
Tune into this webinar to find out how Board is used by organizations such as Coca-Cola and Puma to: 
• Create complete transparency of activities and performance throughout the supply chain, helping to eliminate bottlenecks
• Unify planning cycles across the business and drive a more collaborative approach to the creation, review, and delivery of an agreed plan
• Facilitate the sharing of accurate, reliable data across every department, increasing the accuracy of planning and reporting processes
• Enable users to forecast the potential outcome of choices to inform decision-making and make continuous adjustments to plans in response
• Provide an understanding of the value creation impact for each activity by connecting financial and operational data


  • Jim Tuff / Regional Sales Director

    Jim Tuff is a seasoned sales executive that has sold and maintained relationships with key enterprise accounts for over 25 years. His finance and economics backgrounds provide him with strong fundamental knowledge of the finance space, combined with years of practical hands-on field experience at all levels.

  • Ty Jessup / Solutions Consultant

    Ty is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of combined experience in several roles across multiple industries using Corporate Performance Management Solutions. Ty has had the perspective of both a user of CPM solutions as an Administrator, and also as a Consultant, designing and implementing solutions in various industries.