Transforming Planning and Analytics for Automotive Suppliers - Asia Pacific Region

For many organisations process, optimisation and innovation can be challenging, with growing amounts of data held in disparate spreadsheets creates a lack of overall visibility sometimes little to no warning to see unexpected demand impacts (positive or negative) on product and resource availability. 

Board gives automotive suppliers the clarity they need to take an integrated approach to reporting and business planning. Unifying Business Intelligence, Financial Performance Management, and Operations Planning capabilities gives the ability to monitor performance in real-time, forecast demand for spare parts, run consistent production plans, and manage detailed product investment costs and revenue with ease thanks to linked financial and operational data. 

Attend this webinar to learn how Board enables automotive suppliers to: 

  • Create clarity over performance business-wide with a single point of truth for all data sources
  • Support the supply management process to distributors and dealers 
  • Drive collaboration between business divisions by enabling them to see the impact of their activities on other departments in real-time (Sales vs demand)
  • Enable accurate planning of skills and resources based on forecasted demand
  • Calculate the investment costs of developing and manufacturing components over the course of their lifetime