Case Study

Service Express Inc.

The Company:
Service Express Inc. (SEI) has been delivering exceptional on-site hardware maintenance support for companies with mission critical servers, storage and networking equipment since they were founded in 1986. SEI is one of the leaders in third-party maintenance, a growing market for post-warranty hardware support. SEI is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

The Challenge:
Prior to the spring of 2014, SEI had been producing and reporting its budgets on multiple Excel spreadsheets for its executives, who had become increasingly confused by conflicting data and the overall complexity of the process.   They decided in 2013 to find an enterprise-wide solution that would consolidate multiple spreadsheets into a centralized performance management system that would deliver dynamic reporting in a cost-effective and more efficient manner on a consistent basis.

The Solution:
SEI decided to seek a centralized, Web-based solution that would assemble multiple data points into a single analytics engine and then provide accurate and easy-to-understand results that could be viewed by everyone in the company.  After  carefully evaluating Cloud-based performance management solutions from companies that included Host Analytics, Adaptive Insights, Domo and BOARD International, SEI selected the BOARD platform as best able to solve its problems.

BOARD offered an all-in-one Cloud-based solution for performance management, analytics, Business Intelligence, predictive analytics, and reporting that streamlined SEI’s budgeting and reporting processes and opened up avenues of future BI and analytics applications to pursue from the BOARD in-memory analytics engine that works off of a central data store, ensuring a single version of the truth for all applications and departments.

Implementing the Solution:
SEI launched its first budgeting and forecasting applications in the spring of 2014, followed quickly by applications to create and populate Scorecards, and to provide Service and Training Reporting, and is building out Budget Reporting Models.

The Benefits:
The SEI Budget System allows the company to place the power and results of the entire budget analytics process in the hands of individual users throughout the company rather than it residing only in the accounting department, mired in complex spreadsheets that were difficult to understand under their legacy systems.

The Budget System also offers the company the ability to forecast revenues and earnings well out into the future to best inform business decisions.  For a rapidly growing company like SEI, this has been a particularly valuable asset.

Scorecards allow SEI to keep track of important business metrics.  The BOARD platform provides the ability to drill down into details that had not been available via their earlier Excel based spreadsheet system.

SEI Service and Training related models have helped management and the company’s technical support team to gain valuable visibility into support trends and activities so they can optimize decisions to increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their departments.

Overall, SEI has reported a high level of satisfaction with the BOARD platform, having observed a clear view of the benefits they have achieved from its implementation.  SEI further reports that they are continuing to plan and implement enhanced solutions to achieve an even higher level of ROI over the coming years.