Case Study

Rossdown Farms - Case Study

Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods sees the innovative capabilities of Board's platform

The Company

Headquartered in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods strives to produce and market quality poultry in an efficient and environmentally sensitive manner. Rossdown’s vision is to be a leader in the production, processing, marketing and service of poultry and related agriculture. Through innovative management and continual implementation of technical development, the company strives for excellence. 


The Need

Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods Farms saw the need for a flexible and user-friendly reporting system, beyond the capabilities of its existing ERP system, for both the technical and business sides of the organization. As a part of this initiative, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods began researching potential business intelligence tools that would meet the organization’s budgeting, operational reporting and analysis requirements while offering ease of use and flexibility. The company assessed Board, Tableau and Power BI, and ultimately decided to move forward with Board for a variety of reasons.


The Solution

Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods Farms chose Board because of the platform’s core reporting, analysis and budgeting capabilities, user self-sufficiency, ability to connect to any data source and data entry abilities. Specifically, Board offers solutions for their needs to easily enter and interact intuitively with their data and perform in-depth analyses - all while seamlessly integrating BI, Performance Management, Analytics, and Data Discovery with minimal IT support.

With Board’s all-in-one platform, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods has been able to use capabilities such as ERP reporting, budgeting and analysis, and sales analysis to effectively add value to their technical developments. Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods can use Board to deliver personalized and effective reports, streamline planning processes, and use meaningful and predictive insights to guide better decision-making. Through these developments, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods will maintain their position as an innovative leader in their industry and continue to strive for excellence.

“Board has provided visibility of our data to assist in making good business decisions and to track how we are doing in achieving our goals,” said Adrian Alzona, IT Manager, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods Farms.


The Results

Today, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods Farms continues to leverage Board’s many reporting, analytics and planning capabilities in its evolving organization-wide strategy. Looking forward, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods will use Board capabilities to perform PLC equipment analyses to implement improved methods and control manufacturing processes.

With Board, Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods has gained better insight into its business processes and has helped the organization make better business decisions for the future.