Driving sales performance across 25 different operating companies

Transforming Sales Performance Management at Ricoh

25 different companies all had a lot of autonomy at one point in time, and we've brought them together into a single set of processes. 

Matthew Layman
BI Delivery Manager

00:00:12Ricoh is a big company. We just released our financials for the last fiscal year and globally we have made about 16.4 billion Euros in revenue. And the European region, which this project is focused on, took in about 3.7 billion Euros. The presentation I want to give you today is about how we manage our sales force to generate that revenue.

00:00:37We have 25 different operating companies across EMEA, and one of the key challenges that we had in this project is to bring those 25 operating companies together to have a single source of information in a single set of tools that we could use to really drive our business. 25 different companies all had a lot of autonomy at one point in time, and we've brought them together into a single set of processes. And we really drive those sales processes through our sales process optimization process and through Board.

00:01:05So our business data is, this slide is really just showing that we're not small, which I think hammered home. So we have 4.6 million customers in our Board database, 1.3 million products, two million assets, so owned products, five million sales activities, 3.5 million sales contacts, so individuals, 750,000 sales opportunities at any one time, two million orders per year getting loaded in, and about nine million service activities.

00:01:36Okay, so I'm going to take you through a sales example here, and basically, we're going to show you six different dashboards that we've done for the sales organization.

00:01:46The first one is Customer 360 which is focused on combining data together. Then we're going to look at the pipeline, which, for those organizations that use Salesforce and other tools, understand this is a typical pipeline sales. And we look at our methodology, tools, sales process, optimization, and how that turns into good and bad behavior. And then how do we present that information to our employees through salesperson focus. Then looking a little bit more advanced at forecast accuracy.

00:02:17We had an organization which did their financial forecasts on a monthly and quarterly basis, really without input of the salespeople on the ground, because their forecasts were traditionally so poor. And we're not saying that we've corrected all those problems, but we're giving visibility to those problems in this dashboard. And then finally account coverage, which is really the insight layer where we try to tell sales who they might want to see next.

00:02:47So all of these solutions run off of the same database in Board. There's a single database with all of these different presentations, and each one complements and reinforces each other. Again, as I said, we have about 3,000 users across Europe and based on the security, and these layouts, they all get what we think they need, or what they've asked for at least.

00:03:08This tool is really the first visual insight we had as an organization into how that was happening, that we could then drive behaviors to sort of correct.