Plan for the unexpected - Agile planning with KPMG & Board

The COVID-19 pandemic may be exceptional, but it demonstrates yet again the need for organizations to be agile in their financial and operational planning. Rapid market changes, evolving customer behavior and significant advancement in technology have been urging companies to seek new ways of responding quicker and more decisively to these challenging external pressures.

To plan for the unexpected, KPMG and Board propose a holistic approach where we support organizations with improving their forward-looking capabilities to have a clear picture of their future financial performance and hence can better plan actions proactively.

Use Business Drivers

One of the three pillars of Agile Planning is to make use of business drivers in (financial) planning. In this approach business drivers are identified, constantly revised and aligned with organizational strategy to stimulate goal congruence across the organization on achieving business goals. Hereby we underscore the relevance of a truly integrated organization, enhancing end to end visibility on the effect of organization wide business planning, preventing siloed decision making.

Demonstration: theory vs practice

During the demo we will demonstrate how we can leverage business drivers to create a driver-based financial and operational forecast. We will use the Consumer Goods & Retail sector as an example with drivers like sales/square meter, number of square meters, open/closed shops per month, weather information, foot fall, avg transaction value, number of transactions, macro-economics and many more.

The key strength of Board is to capture these drivers at operational level and to forecast the financial impact on PL,BS & CF. Board is a complete programming-free platform, business users can maintain the platform and can add or modify drivers in different scenario’s to do what-if analysis.



11:00     KPMG - Presentation by Frans Cleton, Senior Manager Finance and Business Services

11:25     Board – Demo by Ravi Santokhi, Senior Presales Consultant

11:50     Q&A

12:00     End of webinar


If you are not able to attend the webinar, please register to receive the recording and view it later.