Oregon Medical Group, Eugene, Oregon, USA

The Company:

Oregon Medical Group is a primary care based, multispecialty physician group with more than 140 providers in 21 specialties who practice throughout the Eugene and Springfield, Oregon areas in the United States.  Oregon Medical Group physicians maintain positive working relationships with both of the area's hospitals, McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center and Sacred Heart Medical Center. Collectively, these organizations provide the full spectrum of health-related services throughout the Lane County, Oregon area, with a population of more than 362,000.


The Challenges:

As Oregon Medical Group has grown over 28 years from its founding to now serving about one-third of the total population of the greater Eugene metropolitan area, Oregon Medical Group has continually sought the best technologies to serve its patients and manage its business.  In recent years, it became apparent that its legacy Excel-based software systems and processes could be improved to access more relevant data to business users and to visualize that data in more meaningful ways.

From a technical perspective, finding and manipulating that data also was a very time consuming process that required a dedicated business analyst to manually program SQL reports in Excel for most work.

To remedy these problems, Oregon Medical Group launched a search for a business intelligence software platform that would facilitate the rapid creation and use of custom-written applications that would access a broad range of data to its staff with the flexibility to display findings easily and quickly in a myriad of reporting styles.


The Solution:

Over a three month period at the end of 2013, Oregon Medical Group’s  team led by Chief Operating Officer Josh Kimball investigated available Business Intelligence solutions, including BOARD International, Domo and Panorama Software.  After a thorough comparison of functionality, ease of use and references, Oregon Medical Group concluded that BOARD International offered the best technology to meet their BI challenges.

“BOARD offered an intuitive platform that was easy to learn, and also has thorough integration with the Microsoft Office suite with which our business users were most accustomed,” said Renee Nucci, Reporting and Analytics Manager.   “With BOARD, we greatly reduced the learning curve over other platforms on the market, and are now able to easily design and modify our own analytical applications.”


Implementing the Solution:

Oregon Medical Group launched its first visual dashboards and reporting applications on BOARD within 3 months of licensing the BOARD platform for on-premise use.  While BOARD Consulting helped set up the initial applications for Oregon Medical Group, their own staff members have been able to easily create, launch and manage subsequent applications on their own. 


The Benefits:

For Oregon Medical Group, the most attractive features of the BOARD platform has been its overall ease-of-use that has allowed their business users to quickly design and launch new applications that track the business performance of physician practices and related issues each month.

“We continually save many, many hours each month in not having to manually write reports in SQL and cobble together many different Excel spreadsheets from around the company to show our physicians and managers important business data and trends,” said Renee.



By significantly improving the efficiency with which Business Intelligence and analytical applications are created, deployed and managed, BOARD has allowed Oregon Medical Group to concentrate more time on how it fulfills its vision and mission to its patients each day:  “To collaborate to provide the highest quality, patient-centered care.”