New Year, New Me: Don't Be a Prisoner to Spreadsheets

Excel is often the tool of choice for many operational and finance teams due to its perceived ease of use and suitability for a range of planning, tracking, budgeting,  and reporting needs. Unfortunately, however, Excel is error-prone, not scalable and locks valuable information in silos of data, which makes decision-making difficult and inefficient. 

Join us for this 30-minute webinar to discover how to break free from your spreadsheets, by introducing a unified decision-making platform into your tech stack for 2020!


  • Tom McLaughlin / Regional Sales Director

    Tom has over 25 years of successful sales experience at multiple leading-edge companies in aerospace, finance, and high technology. He is also a serial start-up entrepreneur, most recently with an AI/MI Workforce Alignment company Bazirt, Inc. He has also been founder and CEO of two early-stage analytic start-ups Paxent Technology and PredaSys, Inc. in product development BI and predictive analytics.


  • Ty Jessup / Solutions Consultant

    Ty is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of combined experience in several roles across multiple industries using Corporate Performance Management Solutions. Ty has had the perspective of both a user of CPM solutions as an Administrator, and also as a Consultant, designing and implementing solutions in various industries.