Moving Beyond Finance Breakfast Sydney

Extending the perimeter with emerging planning practices 

A key theme we see for CFOs and their teams is “extending the perimeter” - interfacing the financial numbers with more of the operational business processes and data to provide more insight and increase efficiency.  A focus on traditional revenue, labour and opex planning models is not enough anymore.  The business expects Finance to drive planning innovation and support increased accountability.    

We are hosting a Breakfast in Sydney to discuss some valuable inclusions to your planning processes.  The session draws from the experiences of our 3000+ customers as well as the 20+ years of related practical experience of the Board team who will lead the session.   

Join us over breakfast for a session that will stimulate debate and provoke discussion as we explore: 

  • Strategy planning – Why ‘what if’ scenario planning and analysis is imperative to success 
  • Use of predictive algorithms in Finance, Predictive Planning is real  
  • Incorporating new products in a more effective way 
  • Integrated planning for faster time to an organisation-wide view 

Places are limited, please register your interest today.